Eyebrows and opening of the look

Suspension Threads

Without a doubt, the open eye look and raised eyebrows are, to-day, the main requests to feminise the face. Patients seek this “healthy look more and more often.

The procedure, especially in young women, eliminates a sad, tired or severe expression caused by drooping eyelids or distinctive-shaped eyebrows.

The COVID pandemic, when masks were worn, has accentuated this request for treatment by young, even very young patients.

Note that “Cat Eyes” or “Foxy Eyes” (almond-shaped eyes) can never be the result of suspension threads. Whether absorbable or permanent, no thread will satisfy this request.

THE effective, long-lasting, non-surgical solution: Infinite-Thread® suspension thread.

Infinite-Thread suspension threads to-day offer patients, who wish to open up the look or raise the eyebrow tail without resorting to surgery, an effective solution.

The strength of the permanent suspension thread Infinite-Thread® combined to its fineness and suppleness allows a sufficiently deep positioning to be totally invisible, whilst giving the desired effect.

Cat eyes foxy look suspension threads
Suspension threads cat eyes foxy look

Why is Infinite-Thread® hailed as such a major breakthrough?

It has always been complicated to meet this request without resorting to surgery. No satisfactory, purely medical solution existed.

Moreover, two problems, which could be considered antinomic have hindered the threads from being effective and durable in this area of the face:

    • How to combine effective results and invisibility of the thread? To be really effective for the eyebrow area, the thread had to pull the skin and therefore had to be inserted superficially, where it was of course visible. Inserted more deeply, the thread was indeed invisible but lost much of its effectiveness.
    • How to combine effective and long-lasting results? Due to the perpetual contractions of the orbicularis muscle, the thread progressively unhooked itself despite the precaution of resting the orbicularis muscle by way of botulinic toxin.

To-day, the answer to these problems lies in the association of Infinite-Thread® with the “Parallel J” laying technique.

I invented this thread in 2017 and it is now used by more than 600 surgeons across the world; it has 800 strong conical-shaped cogs, which are both gentle and supple and when combined with the above technique, the benefits are the following:

1) The numerous cogs (4 every 1,5mm) and their patented shape allow the threads to hook the tissues and raise them effectively, whilst staying sufficiently deep to be invisible.

2) The “Parallel J” insertion technique follows a path whereby the thread remains invisible yet guarantees the thread is locked within the eyebrow.

3) Being more powerful than the orbicularis muscle, the locking of the thread offers a long term result similar to that of a surgical procedure.

4) This technique together with the large number of cogs means the shape and height of the eyebrow may be adjusted with the greatest precision: up until now, this was impossible, and the results were sometimes exaggerated or downright unsightly.

5) Contrary to previous generations of smooth or cogged threads, this thread is not elastic and therefore ensures the results remain stable since the thread does not stretch over time.

    What results may we expect?

    Insertion of this suspension thread offers an effective, precise and durable action on the outer third of the eyebrow.

    This immediately visible result presents 3 possible actions:

    1) The brow arch becomes more harmonious if previously too flat – a little too masculine looking.

    2) The outer part of the brow is raised to open up the look.

    3) Indirectly, ptosis of the upper eyelid is reduced.

    Suspension threads cat eyes foxy look

    How long does the procedure take and what after?


    The procedure lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

    After effects are closer to medical procedures rather than to surgical ones:

    • Swelling on the forehead is rare and will disappear in less than a week;
    • Swelling of the upper eyelids is frequent and always disappears within 8 to 10 days;
    • Bruises are rare and may be covered by make-up on the third day;
    • Any pain is managed with simple pain killers, such as Paracetamol, for the first two days;
    • The procedure causes no scarring since no incision is made;
    • You may return to your usual lifestyle after about 3 days.

    What are the advantages over a surgical lift?

    1) The first advantage of using Infinite-Thread® is that the procedure is reversible.

    Since nothing has been sectioned or cut, the thread technique can unquestionably be reversed.

    It will always be possible to remove the thread, be it tomorrow, after tomorrow or in 20 years’ time. You are not bound to the threads for life unlike surgery, which is very difficult, when not impossible, to reverse.

    Removing a permanent suspension thread: on condition it is of good quality and that the doctor removing it be competent and trained, then it is possible to remove it completely with no aftereffects or scarring.

    2) The second advantage of the medical procedure is the lack of invasiveness.

    Indeed, even if this act must not be taken lightly, insertion of suspension threads is done under local anaesthetic. There is no incision and no undermining.

    You do not run the risks inherent to a general anaesthetic. None of the fixed elements of your face are damaged by a scalpel or surgical undermining scissors.

    Absence of surgery ensures discretion and a natural-looking result with little social downtime.

    Permanent suspension threads analysis
    Suspension threads cat eyes foxy look
    Suspension threads cat eyes foxy look

    It is also possible to treat other areas of the face and neck with Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension thread.

    Why were previous solutions not satisfactory?

    The following is a list of past solutions to open up the eyes or raise eyebrows and their shortcomings:

    1. Cunning tricks with little effectiveness:
      • Styling hair in a very tight ponytail can open up eyes but unfortunately at a cost – suffering: firstly, and almost immediately, mild headaches and later, a more serious problem of irreversible hair loss due to the destruction of capillary bulbs.
      • More recently, patches with a lifting effect or “facial taping” have been perfect for an evening out, although some stars use them over too long periods. Risk free apart from an allergy to Sellotape.
    1. Surgery:
      • A discreet temporal lift, also called “model’s crimp”, where the scalp is raised has now been practically abandoned because of two drawbacks: short-lasting effectiveness (around 6 months), associated with scarring which leaves a hairless band on the scalp several centimetres long.
      • A more invasive frontal lift, where a wide area of external forehead and temple skin is detached and sometimes combined with suspension threads to hold the tissues in their correct position during healing: if the results are, undoubtedly excellent, the magnitude of the procedure and its after effects are such that young patients, not yet prepared to undergo real surgery, are deterred.
      • Eyebrow lifts require a small surgical cutaneous 1cm resection above the brow; this is always effective but leaves a discreet scar on the upper edge of the brow.
    1. Botulinic toxin:
      • Used for more than 20 years, the toxin slightly relaxes the orbicularis muscle. By placing the injection very precisely, the doctor will open up the eye by 1 to 2 millimetres. That may not seem much, but it is often enough to subtly open up the eye. Even if this act is appreciated, it cannot be qualified as a true opening up of the eye.
    1. Previous suspension threads:
      • Absorbable cogged threads: although regularly showcased on social media, they do not fulfil their promises over time. The powerful orbicularis muscle quickly overcomes the thread’s resilience and within a few weeks, two or three months at most, the result has totally disappeared.
      • Smooth, permanent strapping threads inserted by a surgical technique: very efficient but their short-term life (1 – 2 years) is not very eloquent and they may be quite painful.



    An eyebrow lift by permanent suspension threads costs between 2,000€ and 3,000€.

    Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension thread: a French thread which is gentle and biocompatible

    The quality of the result depends on the suspension thread used, the technique used to insert it and the skill of the practitioner. With no training, the aesthetics practitioner or plastic surgeon could well follow his instincts or lean towards inappropriate techniques.

    The thread is made of biocompatible material

    Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads are totally chemically innocuous for the human body.
    The components which make up this thread are exactly the same as those suture threads which have been used during surgery for the last 50 years.
    With the benefit of this 50 year assessment, there is no doubt of their safety. They are termed “biocompatible” because, without exception, the body does not reject them.
    There is absolutely no risk of rejection.


    A gentle, atraumatic thread

    Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension thread has cogs which measure less than half a millimetre in thickness. This patented technology is both very efficient and non-aggressive for the patient.
    The slight facial swelling (following an intervention) is due to the insertion of the thread, not to the thread itself. It may be said that this suspension thread causes no traumatic reaction.
    Any inflammation is temporary, despite the threads lying beneath the skin.


    A totally reversible thread

    The Thread & Lift laboratory which manufactures Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads, has coloured it purple so it may always be withdrawn and ensure total reversibility of the aesthetics procedure. The colour avoids any confusion with human tissue unlike transparent or white threads. This thread can also be seen during an ultrasound scan.
    The quality and colour of the thread mean that it may be removed at any date with no sequelae and with leaving no residue under the skin.
    As for every medical procedure, the practitioner has to be trained in the protocol for removing the thread.


    A supple, non-elastic thread

    The thread covering is made of solid silicone giving it great suppleness and allowing it to follow every facial movement.
    Infinite-Thread® thread is non-elastic since elasticity plays no therapeutic part.
    Facial tissue never stretches whatever its expressions. To reassure yourself of this, simply measure the distance between two beauty spots: the distance is identical before and after procedure.

    Lack of elasticity also improves the finesse, precision and speed with which the tension of the thread is adjusted.