Doctor Foumentèze

Aesthetics doctor in Nice

I hold a Doctorate of Medicine from the Faculty of Nancy and a D.I.U. in Morphological and Anti-Ageing medicine from the University of Paris and have practiced aesthetics medicine exclusively for more than 30 years; my speciality is permanent thread lifts.

Senior university lecturer in the Paris XIII, Paris-Descartes and Lyon medical faculties for ten years, I also frequently participate in aesthetics seminars and congresses such as AMWC in Monaco and IMCAS in Paris.

Co-founder of la Société Médicale de Recherche & Expertise sur les Fils de Suspension, I am a a member of l’Association Française de médecine Esthétique et Anti-Âge (AFME) and of la Société Avancée de Médecine et de Chirurgie Esthétique & Plastique (SAMCEP).

My Professional liability insurance covers all procedures carried out at the Verdi Aesthetic Center from hyaluronic acid injections to rhinoplasty or to permanent thread lifts; I was one of the first in France in 2002 to offer this technique to patients. 

Ethics and Experience

I perform modern techniques of aesthetics medicine in Nice,having proved them safe and effective. I am specialised in the following procedures: permanent threads, non-surgical face and neck lifts, lipolysis, injections, opening of the eye area, medical blepharoplasty.

My surgery is called Cente Esthétique Verdi and is situated in the heart of Nice. Most of the aesthetic procedures I carry out take place in a dedicated operating theatre which follows very strict asepsis regulations.

✔️ I am passionate about new medical aesthetic techniques

✔️ I invented the Infinite-Thread® permanent thread

✔️ I have carried out more than 2 500 non-surgical lifts using permanent threads since 2002.

✔️ I have trained around 300 aesthetics doctors and surgeons in France and 14 other countries on the technique of Infinite-Thread®.

✔️ I actively participate as a speaker in the main international aesthetics congresses.

For me, a medical aesthetics intervention is successful when a natural-looking, harmonious result sits well with your face or body. For this, it is absolutely necessary to understand your wishes and to conform with them.

Dr Foumenteze indication thread lifts
Suspension threads path Dr Foumenteze
Operating room Dr Foumenteze

My philosophy

Above all, an aesthetics doctor has a duty to be honest and professional towards his patient. By closely studying the anatomical truths of face and body, he escapes a marketing rut and draws solely on scientific rigour. We are left with the essential – the medical logic supporting an intervention which the patient understands and a quality of result obtained with full transparency.

Apart from its effectiveness, a result must always be judged by its naturalness. That is the heart of aesthetics medicine. To erase the marks of passing times without leaving behind those of the doctor. Modern, non-surgical techniques now offer this luxury. This result however may only be reached by taking an overview and considering the face as a whole in order that there be no perception gap between the treated zone and the rest and by abandoning the systemisation of aesthetic interventions. A wrinkle does not necessarily demand an injection.
This way of thinking inherently contradicts the uniqueness of each face, of each patient; the doctor does not take into account the listening skills he should apply.

Interview with Anti-Age Magazine

Photo lifting with suspension threads nice

Interview with the thread expert, Dr. Jean-Paul Foumenteze, who tells us about the Infinite-Thread® from the laboratory Thread & Lift, latest French know-how-based innovation?

AA-M : How does the lifting by suspension threads with Infinite-Thread® work?
Dr JPF : With time our tissues slip under the influence of gravity. The consequences are sagged cheekbones, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jowls and slacked neck. Experience lying down, then looking at your face in a mirror. You will immediately notice how younger and in a better shape you look without the sagging.
The Infinite-Thread® is fitted with a patented cog technology that will allow to efficiently and smoothly pull up the tissues back to their initial location. It offers an immediate and fully natural-looking rejuvenation. The Infinite-Thread® represents a true addition to surgical facelift.

AA-M : Is this lifting also risk-free for the patient?
Dr JPF : Infinite-Thread® is made in France from biomaterials (polyester and medical grade solid silicone) used for more than 50 years in the medical industry.
It is CE marked, a guarantee of its compliance with the very strict requirements of the European Union for patient safety. It is allergy free, implies no scaring, is inserted under local anesthesia and the follow-up is very light. The intervention is ambulatory, so there is no hospitalization. Only mild edema on the temples and cheekbones will be visible during the first week. The intake of simple painkillers during 24 to 48h will avoid the patient feeling any pain.