Naturally present in the dermis, hyaluronidase is able to efficiently and progressively melt and erode the hyaluronic acid molecule.
Hence, the enzyme is used in injections to rectify or touch up aesthetic results which can be improved, or which are not satisfactory: asymmetry, excess volume, error, unsuitable product.

Naturally, I offer this product if necessary to rectify certain injection-based flaws on the cheeks, lips, nose or even under eye dark circles, which are the result of hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

What is Hyaluronidase?

In the sphere of aesthetic and ant-ageing medicine, hyaluronidase is known as the natural antidote for “botched” hyaluronic acid injections. In other words, the enzyme eliminates all results of a badly mastered injection or of a result which is not satisfactory.

No aesthetic medical procedure is infallible and even an experienced professional appreciates being able to rely on a product, which will allow him to “back track” and rectify the result of previous injections or simply conduct little touch-ups.

Hyaluronidase is also able to eliminate dark circle eye bags due to injected hyaluronic acid not being absorbed in the area.

For whom are Hyaluronidase injections?

A hyaluronic acid injection should always give natural, discreet, homogenous and symmetrical results.

It may be that the result obtained does not reach your expectations, you are not satisfied or that objectively-speaking it is not aesthetic, or that upon reflexion you wish to change it.
In these cases, hyaluronidase is the appropriate treatment to resolve the problems caused by the injected fillers.

Should you notice any of the following undesirable effects, do not hesitate to contact your aesthetics doctor:

  • Small nodule or lump beneath the dermis in the zone of the injection;
  • Asymmetry (the result is not the same on each side of the face or nose);
  • Excess of volume or overcorrection;
  • Bloated appearance;
  • Unnatural result (lips too plumped, for example);
  • Incorrect injection point.

Many patients contact me concerning problems with dark circles around the eyes. They have undergone hyaluronic injections in these areas and now have eye problems or they are dissatisfied with the results (bluish colouring, pouches full of filler etc).

For this reason, I only recommend hyaluronic acid injections for dark circles very carefully, since the injected product tends not to be absorbed or pump up, sometimes very slowly and unevenly.

The only way to deal with these symptoms is to proceed progressively with small, accurately inserted injections in order to observe how the product reacts in this extremely fragile area.
It will probably be useful to use hyaluronidase to rectify any excess or slight flaws in this particular area; I recommend well-targeted mini hyaluronidase injections.

What happens during a hyaluronidase injection procedure?

My procedure:

Intradermal hyaluronidase injections are conducted within my practice without any anaesthesia, the procedure lasting just a few minutes.

The zone to be treated is defined precisely and the dosage to be injected is calculated according to your indications.

Hyaluronic acid progressively dissolves in the body when in contact with the enzyme. This is why it is better to repeat the protocol If necessary and adjust the amount to be injected little by little during follow-up appointments rather than to inject too much and erode too great a volume of hyaluronic acid.

Following a consultation with me, one or several sessions will be necessary to obtain the best result (although in most cases just one injection will be necessary).

Results with Hyaluronidase:

Initial results of a hyaluronidase injection will generally take up to 24 hours and quite possibly be visible before the end of the session. 7 days later the result will be practically definite; in two weeks, the enzyme will have completed its job of dissipation.

Before undertaking any further aesthetics procedure following hyaluronidase treatment, it is advisable to wait for 2 to 4 weeks. Always inform your practitioner of your aesthetics history to ensure there are no contra-indications.

Post injection recommendations:

Hyaluronidase takes immediate effect upon injecting it and continues to act during 10 to 12 days following the session. Thus, the hyaluronic molecules dissolve quite naturally and progressively in your body slowly giving the final result.

After this, it is recommended that you make a new appointment with your practitioner two weeks after the initial session to confirm the result or submit to another session, which will totally destroy any remaining hyaluronic acid in the area.

As with all smoothing or filling injections, no social downtime is expected.

Possible unwanted after effects:

Contrary to common belief, hyaluronidase does not attack pre-existing hyaluronic acid in the body, but it must be administered by a specialist following a strict protocol which ensures its safety.

There are few potential complications with the use of hyaluronidase. Most of the problems met following a session are somewhat minor (redness, swelling, bruising…) and disappear after a few days.

In very rare cases, hyaluronidase can cause inflammation or allergic reactions.


The fee for a hyaluronidase injection depends on the quantity injected as well as the surface to be treated.
The fee starts at 200€.

A detailed quote is provided after consultation and before any treatment.