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Doctor Foumentèze

Aesthetics doctor with more than 30 years’ experience, I obtained my Doctorate in medicine degree from the University of Nancy as well as a D.I.U. in Morphological and Anti-Ageing Medicine from the University of Paris.

As senior university lecturer in the Paris XIII, Paris-Descartes and Lyon medical faculties, I have been giving both theoretical and practical lectures on non-surgical face lift techniques using permanent threads for the past ten years.
Since 2016, I have been involved in the AMWC congresses in Monaco and the IMCAS in Paris.

I am co-founder of La Société Médicale de Recherche & d’Expertise sur les Fils de Suspension and I am a member of AFME and also SAMCEP.

Since 2002, I have performed more than 2 500 procedures using permanent threads. I am an expert on permanent thread lifts and the inventor of the French manufactured permanent suspension thread called Infinite-Thread®.

Verdi Aesthetic Centre

Situated in Nice, between Cannes and Monaco, the Verdi Aesthetic Centre specialises in Morphological and Anti-Ageing Medicine, Aesthetics surgery and Facial treatments.

My practice offers the skills of an aesthetics doctor, myself, in association with a plastic surgeon, Doctor Besins. Hence, if you so desire, you may have the benefit of the knowledge and advice of two, complementary experts, who will ensure you receive the best quality treatments possible.

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Photos Before / After

Before after aesthetics doctor nice

Result 4 years after permanent thread lift.
Patient had no other treatment or injections.

The before-and-after photos presented on my website illustrate the information provided on the pages dedicated to the various techniques. They are for information purposes only, not for advertising purposes: they illustrate the results that can be obtained depending on a patient’s anatomy, as well as any post-operative effects that may be induced by the procedure.

Before after aesthetics doctor nice

Result of a deep phenol peel on the face.

The so-called “deep” facial peel, using phenol, is the most effective and longest-lasting of the family of peels. It rejuvenates facial skin by 10 to 15 years. It is an aesthetic medicine treatment that can erase even the deepest wrinkles, acne marks, sun spots and age spots. The phenol deep peel also allows you to regain your skin’s elasticity.

Aesthetic Medicine News

Foxy Eyes aesthetics doctor nice

Treatment of the neck using permanent suspension threads.

Effectiveness is far greater than any other technique; there is no tissue distortion, and the thread remains invisible. Moreover, the patient feels no discomfort in the neck after only one week.

Foxy Eyes aesthetics doctor nice

Suspension threads and SMAS : the solution for the treatment of jowls.

Remarkably efficient for treating the lower third of the face, to-day I practice insertion into the SMAS for all my patients.

Double chin aesthetics doctor nice

Get rid of a double chin without surgery

Your double chin gives you a complex? Do you wish to diminish it or make it disappear? Treatment of a double chin is available to-day thanks to aesthetic medicine.