Verdi Aesthetic Centre

Standing in the heart of the Quartier des Musiciens, a few minutes away from Avenue Jean Médecin, the Verdi Aesthetic Centre specialises in Aesthetics Medicine and plastic surgery.

Verdi Aesthetic Centre will be happy to welcome you for a threadlift with permanent suspension threads, peeling, mesotherapy or injections.

I, myself, and my colleague and partner, Doctor Besins, a plastic surgeon, each have more than 30 years’ experience.

A treatment centre devoted to aesthetic treatments overseen by an experienced team of professionals.

The medical practice, which I want to be warm and welcoming, was born of the encounter between 2 aesthetics professionals with the same values: ethics, science and passion.

The aim of the medical team is to re-establish the broken or missing link between the outer appearance and inner well-being.

I offer recognised aesthetic treatments and procedures: morphological and anti-ageing treatments, suspension thread lifts of the face, neck or the look (eyebrows), hyaluronic acid and botulinic toxin injections, lip augmentation, medical rhinoplasty, peelings….

The Verdi Aesthetic Centre offers you the possibility of twin consultations with my colleague Doctor Thierry Besins; you benefit from an in-depth clinical examination and the combined expertise of an aesthetics doctor and a plastic surgeon.

Centre Esthetique Verdi nice photos
Centre Esthétique Verdi waiting room
Centre Esthétique Verdi - Consultations dr Foumentèze

A cosmetic centre tailor-made for your safety and comfort.

Centre Esthetique Verdi operating theater

Verdi Aesthetic Centre also has an operating theatre dedicated to procedures such as suspension thread lifts using Infinite-Thread® or derma-peelings.

The operation room is a strictly sterile environment – no civilian clothing allowed inside – to ensure patient safety and comfort. In addition to the quality of treatments dispensed, hygiene, cleanliness and safety are all strictly monitored.