Medical rhinoplasty

by injection without surgery

With the arrival of hyaluronic acid and Botox in the early 2000’s, medical rhinoplasty evolved so that certain flaws of the nose could be improved without resorting to surgery.

This aesthetic medical procedure consists of an injection into the area of the nose according to your issue and the required result: correcting a hump, a hollow or asymmetry, re-working an angle of the nose, raising or refining the tip of the nose, tightening up dilated nostrils, filling in the hollow between nose and forehead to improve your profile or rectify a « botched » surgical rhinoplasty.

However, it should not be forgotten that each nose is unique. To be called pretty, a nose should be in harmony with the rest of the face. An aquiline nose, turned-up nose or Greek nose are all aesthetically pleasing and will give character to your face. Yet sometimes Mother Nature forgets to harmonise and leaves an imperfect curvature or volume.

What is a medical rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure by which the shape of the nose is modified by means of a hyaluronic acid injection, combined with botulinic toxin in some cases.

In this way, it corrects a flaw, restores volume where lacking, minimises little anomalies or re-works specific nasal characteristics which may give a patient complex and all without need for plastic surgery and scarring.

For whom is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Medical rhinoplasty by injection is a treatment for patients with a complex over the shape of their nose or their profile and who wish to avoid a surgical intervention; and whose morphological traits are:

  • Hollow at the nose tip
  • Slight nasal asymmetry
  • Hollowed nose (or saddle nose)
  • Fault in the projection of nose tip
  • Nasal wing troughs
  • Sinking or deviation of the nose’s axis
  • Drooping nose tip

The most common flaw is a small hump which is visible due to a hollow at the bridge of the nose. A filler injection at this precise point, between nose and forehead, will hide or eliminate the ugly hump.

In the case of a drooping nose tip or flatness of the nasal wings, a Botox injection will relax the muscles involved and reduce the problem.

Medical rhinoplasty photo before after Nice

Before and after photos of a medical rhinoplasty performed in Nice by Dr. Foumentèze, aesthetics doctor.
The hump has been corrected by hyaluronic acid injection to the glabella only.

Hyaluronic acid injections are also for patients following a classic surgical rhinoplasty and wish to touch it up (localised or widespread hollows, remaining humps, slight shrinking of nasal wings, cartilage contour too visible) or for those with an Asian, African or Metis nose and who do not want to undergo ethnic rhinoplasty..

However, a medical rhinoplasty will not eliminate excess tissue. Surgery is the only solution to correct significant nasal disharmony.

In which circumstances is injection-based rhinoplasty impossible?

Circumstances against this treatment are a too voluminous nose, too over-projected, too big, too large or where a hump is too significant to be corrected non-surgically. The flaw would be accentuated if a filler were to be injected and the result would not be harmonious.

Medical rhinoplasty also proves to be very complex if a patient has thick skin.

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to re-model a nose with hyaluronic acid injections if the amount of filler to be injected is too great. Yet again, the result would not be harmonious since the nose would appear too huge, too large.

How does a medical rhinoplasty unfold?

Before the procedure:

I conduct an in-depth clinical examination of your nose. I may call in my plastic surgeon colleague, Dr. Thierry Besins, for a twin consultation and his surgeon’s opinion if necessary. The aim is to best meet your expectations and to explain the possible result according to the technique used: non-scarring rhinoplasty with injections or nose surgery.

It is vital to tell me of any current inflammatory skin conditions you have, autoimmune disorders, hepatitis C, anticoagulant intake and to inform me of any prior medical aesthetic procedures such as previous absorbable or permanent injections.

When a medical rhinoplasty has been programmed, I advise against taking aspirin, corticoids, anti-inflammatories or any vitamin C, E or ginkgo biloba-based medication for 3 to 5 days prior to your aesthetic appointment. Also, avoid drinking alcohol or sunbathing on the day.

I shall not conduct a rhinoplasty by injection intervention if you are pregnant or are breast-feeding your child.

What happens during medical rhinoplasty by injection in Nice:

I conduct non-surgical rhinoplasties under local anaesthetic or by simple contact anaesthesia (ice packs or anaesthetic cream) according to your indication , or if you dread injections, in order that the procedure be painless. This hardly painful intervention may also be conducted without any anaesthesia.

The procedure lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes according to the zones to be treated and the results are immediately visible. YYou will be able to return to your socio-professional and sporting activities either immediately after or the next day depending on the treatment you have had.

It is possible there might be a little redness and slight swelling in the hours following the injection. I advise that you return for a free check-up a few days later to confirm the result, acknowledge your satisfaction or touch up the result if necessary.

What about after care following medical rhinoplasty?

Slight swelling or a little redness may be seen in the injected area and lasts for a few hours. It is equally possible that a small bruise appears, which can easily be hidden with make-up. You will be able to return to your everyday activities on leaving my aesthetic practice.

However, should you notice a real colour change to your nose (paler or much darker) or if you have much post injection pain immediately or in the following hours, then do not hesitate to get in touch. The symptoms require attention without delay and a hyaluronidase injection will avoid any complications.

What are the results?

The effectiveness of a medical aesthetic procedure must be judged according to two essential criteria: the naturalness and durability of the result.

In this respect, medical rhinoplasty qualifies on both accounts since the result is totally natural-looking and immediate and lasts for between 6 and 24 months (depending upon use of Botox or hyaluronic acids).

In order to maintain the results of a medical rhinoplasty, it will be necessary to undergo maintenance injections.

It is a fact that the injected fillers are progressively absorbed by the body. Therefore, the results of a medical rhinoplasty are never permanent and fade over time. Durability of the treatment also varies according to the mobility and depth of the injected zone and the quality of the products used. In certain cases, a remanent effect may persist due to repeated injections, probably because the filler has encapsulated and does not disintegrate as it should.

What are the risks of medical rhinoplasty?

The most frequent risk is that of not being satisfied with the result either because the diagnostic and indications were flawed or that the expected correction using a filler was not adapted to your case or was not technically properly executed.

Thus, patients find their nose is too voluminous, too masculine, too large, lacking in finesse and femininity. You must understand that the more hyaluronic acid your practitioner injects to re-model your nose, the more its volume increases, the more it broadens and becomes masculine-looking, losing its finesse.

This is why, medical rhinoplasties must be conducted carefully and prudently: a flaw or some disharmony does not automatically point to an injection.

Is the procedure dangerous?

Even though non-surgical rhinoplasty is a classic, mastered aesthetics medicine treatment, it should be taken seriously.

In certain, precise cases, (for example following a touch-up after surgical rhinoplasty) some necrosis, more or less diffuse, of the nose skin may appear post injection. This complication should and must be managed immediately by injecting hyaluronidase (an enzyme naturally present in the body which has the property to erode hyaluronic acid).

There is also an extremely rare risk of embolism which could lead to blindness; this is avoidable with post intervention heightened surveillance and good post-operation care by your practitioner. Also ensure that your doctor or plastic surgeon has the experience and technical mastery necessary.

Before & After Rhinoplasty procedures in Nice:

Photos Before & After Rhinoplasty procedures in Nice

Before & after photos of medical rhinoplasties conducted by Dr. Foumentèze, aesthetics doctor, in Nice.
Hyaluronic acid and Botox injections –> tip of nose raised, and hump corrected.

Before & After Rhinoplasty procedures in Nice

Before & after photos of medical rhinoplasties conducted by Dr. Foumentèze, aesthetics doctor, in Nice -> Hump corrected, nasofrontal hollow filled & improvement of profile.


The fees for a medical rhinoplasty procedure depend upon the type of product used (hyaluronic acid and/or botulinic toxin) as well as the amount injected. According to your indication, several other factors may be taken into consideration and imply further injections (cheekbones, forehead, chin…) in order to correct and improve your profile.

For a medical rhinoplasty procedure conducted in my practice the fee will be between 350 and 450 euros, if one syringe is sufficient.

Medical rhinoplasty in 10 key points:

  • How it is conducted: by hyaluronic acid or Botox;
  • Indications : to remodel the nose or modify certain small flaws without surgery nor scarring (to correct a hump, a hollow or asymmetry, tighten dilated nostrils, raise a drooping nose tip due to ageing, restore an angle in accordance with the upper lip….) on a provisional basis;
  • No social downtime nor convalescence period
  • Length of procedure: 20-30 minutes under local anaesthetic or contact anaesthesia;
  • Little or no pain
  • Results – natural-looking and immediate;
  • Effectiveness: lasts 12 to 24 months approximately (for hyaluronic acid procedures) and 6 months (for botulinic toxin procedures) since these products are progressively absorbed by the body;
  • Address for treatments: Centre Esthétique Verdi;
  • Return to socio-professional and sporting activities: the same day or next day according to your indications;
  • Frequent undesirable effects: redness, slight bruising or swelling at injection points which disappear within a few hours.