Threadlift - Permanent suspension threads


The technique of non-surgical lifts using permanent suspension threads, also called threadlift, suspension threads, medical support threads or non-resorbable cogged threads is minimally invasive, reversible and requires only a simple local anaesthetic.

If resorbable threads give mediocre results but which are suitable for young patients, with only a little, localised sagging, permanent threads attest the incomparable effectiveness and long-lastingness of the results. Recognised rejuvenation is of 5 to 10 years with this type of lift.

Threadlift is, of course, suggested to treat your face as a whole, your neck, or your eyebrows but you may also just choose to treat a particular area.

What are the advantages of non-surgical suspension thread lifts?

Contrary to common belief, fat situated beneath facial skin only melts moderately – this fat is also called subcutaneous fatty tissue or hypoderm (its scientific name).
Up to the age of 80, the total deep and superficial fat volume even tends to increase.

Breaking down of the oval, sagging of the cheeks, appearance of jowls, nasolabial grooves and marionette lines are in no way due to this superficial fat melting.

On the contrary, these are the result of fatty tissue sliding from its original position (situated in the upper and middle third of the face) to the lower third.

Perform the following test with a mirror and lie on your back: note how all these signs of ageing have disappeared. So, you see that the problem is truly one of fat distribution due to the pull of gravity and not to volume loss.

In 2013, Doctor Marc Benatar, Head of clinic in Nice, submitted an indisputable thesis on the subject, following a study of 100 patients, who had been analysed by MRI scan.

Why choose Permanent threads?

The permanent suspension thread lifts are a medical aesthetics technique, allowing the tissues, which progressively sag over time, to be effectively and lastingly repositioned by raising them to the upper part of the face.

Only permanent (non- resorbable) threads are capable of achieving a stable, lasting result with no scarring as you may appreciate from the pictures below taken 4 years after treatment.

Permanent suspension threads before and after Nice
Permanent Suspension threads photos before and after Nice

Photos of results taken 4 years after treatment (zone treated: the face) – Patient operated by Doctor Jean-Paul Foumentèze.

Permanent suspension threads before and after Nice
Permanent Suspension threads photos before and after Nice

Photos of results taken 6 years after treatment (zone treated: the face) – Patient operated by Doctor Jean-Paul Foumentèze.

Who may benefit from suspension threads?



Permanent suspension threads raise fatty tissues, which sag over the years, thus allowing signs of facial ageing to durably disappear.

This aesthetic intervention is for:

Women as well as men;

– Young people under the age of 30 as well as older over 65’s;

Young people wishing, in particular, to raise eyebrow tails (Page dealing specifically with eyebrow raising);

All types of skin: both pale and coloured skin (mixed race, Asian or Black) since there is no risk of keloid scarring;

Smokers or non-smokers as the intervention is scalpel-free;

– For persons having already undergone a cervicofacial lift;

For those who hesitate to have a surgical facelift.

Photo permanent suspension threads man Nice
Photos permanent suspension threads black skin Nice
Photos permanent suspension threads black skin Nice
Permanent Suspension threads photos before and after Nice

Permanent suspension thread lift photos – patients of Doctor Jean-Paul Foumentèze.

The expression “the weight of passing years” is totally appropriate when referring to facial tissue. After the age of 35 or 40, cheekbones begin to fall, folds appear and the facial oval starts to break down due to the pull of gravity, which forces sub-cutaneous fatty tissue downwards.

The only solution is to reposition these volumes back in their original place, by durably raising them. This is exactly what permanent suspension threads do without neither an incision nor scarring.

Absorbable suspension threads may be suitable for this age group, whose ptosis is just emerging.

However, permanent threads are a better solution for patients who, from an early age, suffer from a morphology that prevents them from enjoying the oval shape they like, or that gives them the impression of “puffy” cheeks despite a perfectly standard weight index.

For these people, the sagging tissue responsible for these complexes is not the result of time, but of their original anatomy or genetics.

In such cases, permanent tensor threads provide a perfectly adapted response: features are correctly repositioned, and the result lasts over time.

Non-surgical lifts: for which zones?

The face zone by zone:

The effectiveness of the suspension thread which I use and invented, Infinite-Thread®, as well as modern insertion techniques mean that patients may choose the area they wish to be treated.

This is a great advantage for patients having only localised sagging, who do not necessarily wish for a full facial permanent thread suspension lift. This type of intervention is much lighter in comparison with a full lift.

Of course, it also means a reduced cost for the patient.

Zones which may be treated independently are:

  • Tear troughs
  • Cheeks + nasolabial grooves
  • Marionette lines
  • Marionette lines + oval

The whole face:

Naturally, treating the whole face will always give greater (better) results than treating just one zone.

Treating the face as a whole means being able to harmoniously treat the upper third of the face (opening of the look), the median third (tear troughs, cheeks and nasolabial grooves) as well as the lower third (marionette lines and oval) thus restoring the face of your youth, in a perfectly natural manner.

A permanent suspension thread lift of the face is a very real alternative to a surgical face lift.

The threads are inserted beneath the skin, allowing the sagging tissue to be repositioned and the loose skin to be tightened.

Thus, the technique treats cutaneous loosening due to skin ageing (loss of elasticity and firmness, lack of elastin and collagen fibres) and sagging fatty tissue caused by the pull of gravity.

Permanent suspension threads on face photo
Photo permanent suspension threads nice

Before and after a suspension thread lift of the face and neck – intervention conducted by Doctor Foumentèze

Permanent suspension threads on face photo
Photo permanent suspension threads nice

Before and after a suspension thread face lift – intervention conducted by Doctor Foumentèze

The neck:

A permanent suspension thread neck lift may be considered a complement to homogenise the results of facial threads or as an independent treatment of the area to eliminate the platysmal bands (also called dewlaps) and restore the cervicomental angle.

Left untreated, the neck often betrays an age that the face has concealed.

In the past, the intervention was impossible with previous generations of thread, (not efficient enough or too elastic); to-day, non-surgical neck lifts give the results demanded by both practitioner and patient thanks to Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension thread.

The effectiveness of the procedure is far superior to any other technique; there is no tissue deformation, the neck threads are invisible to the eye. Moreover, the patient feels no discomfort after a week with this technique.

Photos Suspension threads neck
Photos Suspension threads neck nice

Photos of neck lifts using permanent suspension threads – interventions by Doctor Foumentèze.

Eyebrows and eyes:

I also treat the upper third of the face (look and eyebrows) with permanent suspension threads.

This temporal non-invasive lift, also called eyebrow lift or “model clamp” gives a fuller look by lifting the lateral part of the brow which tends to sag over time, and which sometimes gives rise to asymmetry. Indirectly, by lifting the brow, the technique also helps reduce slacking of the upper eyelid. In this way, there is no more visual impairment, and the eye is once more aesthetically pleasing.

The permanent suspension threads I use allow me to raise the eyebrow tail to the desired angle, without freezing facial expressions, for a totally natural result.

On the other hand, unfortunately, it is never possible to obtain “foxy eyes” or “cat’s eyes” using permanent or resorbable threads. Threads open the look, lift the brows but they will never give “almond-shaped eyes”.

This intervention may be conducted independently or in conjunction with a face or neck lift.

Cat eyes foxy look suspension threads
Suspension threads cat eyes foxy look

Photos of face and eyebrow lifts using permanent suspension threads – intervention by Doctor Foumentèze.

Double chin:

Often of genetic origin, this unbecomingness may also be the result of overweight or be aggravated by ageing and slackening of the skin.

Several non-surgical techniques may be used to restore the cervicomental angle and treat excess fat around the chin, each being more or less efficient according to the origin of the problem.

I use permanent suspension threads alone, or combined with light lipolysis for more difficult cases, which will tighten neck skin by pulling the fatty tissues backwards.

This aesthetic intervention, lasting one hour and under local anaesthetic, aims to painlessly, and with no social downtime, eliminate an unsightly double chin without surgery.

And the avantanges?

5 to 10 years younger looking:

A permanent suspension thread lift is to-day a very real alternative to a surgical lift, thanks to Infinite-Thread®, which I developed with the Thread & Lift Laboratory.

Indeed, use of this cogged suspension thread allows to retain a natural and harmonious look, without widening it or giving it a heavy look (contrary to fillers) because permanent suspension threads do not add any superfluous volume.

The technique lends a more youthful look of between 5 and 10 years and may be used on all areas which have sagged:

Oval and jowls respectively are tightened and eliminated thanks to repositioning of lower third and median volumes of the face;
Marionette lines fade;
Nasolabial grooves diminish;
Cheekbones regain their original position. .

Before and after permanent suspension threads face Nice
Photo before and after permanent Suspension threads face nice

Before and after permanent suspension thread lift photos – interventions by Doctor Foumentèze.

Non-invasive facial permanent suspension thread lifts allow to durably modify sagging of these 4 zones (jowls/oval, marionette lines, nasolabial grooves and cheekbones).

It may be useful to complete the act with a medical neck lift by adding permanent suspension threads on either side of the zone to homogenise the results.

Results last between 5 and 10 years:

To correctly and durably reposition sagging tissue, the permanent suspension threads must be inserted on either side of the face, at cheek and jowl level.

In order to obtain effective, lasting results (between 5 and 10 years in my experience), a suspension thread must have these 3 qualities:

  • The thread must not stretch
  • The thread must not be hydrolysed by the body (disappear)
  • The thread must not unhook or migrate.

Which is why I have been using French-made Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension thread since 2018.

The thread is made of benchmark bio-material, does not stretch and is not resorbable. It remains intact after insertion.

Moreover, patented technology, the thread has more than 800 cogs (4 cogs every 1.5mm). The number of cogs, their conical “anti-turnover” shape and orientation (8 traction axes instead of 4) give it tissue gripping power similar to that of a surgical lift, and a long-lasting result.

Consequences of such a permanent suspension thread quality are:

  • Possibility to treat slight ptosis as well as greater skin sagging of heavy skins;
  • Long-lasting results;

Contrary to resorbable threads which last only 6 to 12 months with poorer results.

Bio-materials used for more than 50 years:

Concerning the innocuity (i.e., its safety) of the thread I use, the long-term effects of its composition have been studied for well over 50 years.
In reality, the bio-compatible components of Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension thread are from references used in medicine and surgery since the 1960’s.

What happens 5 to 10 years after the threads are placed?

It is important to understand that this figure does not mean that the effectiveness of permanent tensor threads will come to a clean stop. This is my observation on the average durability of results.

Permanent suspension threads do not disappear after 5 or 10 years: the suspension threads are said to be “permanent” because they are made of biomaterials that the body does not eliminate in the short or medium term. This is the major difference with so-called “resorbable” tensor threads. It is not uncommon to find the biomaterials from which Infinite-Thread® is made intact after 25 or 30 years in the body.

What is more, Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads do not lengthen over time. They are not “elastic”. The quality of the result will therefore not be compromised by the lengthening of the thread (which would cause the tissues to slide downwards).

Of course, no medical procedure or surgery produces results that last forever.

On the day of your procedure, I will enhance the areas that have sagged at this point in your life by implanting suspension threads in those specific areas. Untreated areas (since they did not sag on the day) will continue to be subject to ptosis (gravitational sagging) in the future: these are the areas that will lead to a feeling of loss of result later on.
Simply complete the procedure by adding 1 thread to the area (or areas) to be repositioned.

IMPORTANT: It will never be necessary to remove old suspension threads, no matter how many years have passed since the procedure was performed!

Always a natural-looking result:

Suspension threads are inserted beneath the skin, following a vertical axis. This path allows the thread to pull and reposition the sub-cutaneous tissues in the upper and median thirds of the face to result in a totally natural look.

Why follow this axis? This is the path the fatty volumes take as they sag. By using this same path, the threads help to give a more youthful look without anyone being aware of the intervention.

This result is made possible by the fact that insertion of permanent suspension threads does not require any incision and does not cause scarring.

On the other hand, a cervicofacial lift is made by pulling the tissues obliquely in order to hide scarring behind the ears. Unfortunately, this method sometimes leads to an un-natural result.

Vertical line permanent suspension threads Nice

No widening of the face, nor frowns:

Permanent suspension thread lifts without surgery ensure a natural-looking result since they do not widen facial features; sometimes overuse of fillers (or an excess of volume) can unfortunately give this effect. Hence, the threads do not add volume to the face since this will be rarely necessary.

When the permanent suspension threads are correctly inserted by a well-trained aesthetician, the threads cause neither folds, frowns, dimples nor wrinkleseither to the cheeks, eyes, forehead or to any other area of the face, and this whatever type of suspension thread used.

Facial features are not altered either at rest or in movement:

Facial features do not change following a permanent suspension thread lift without surgery: the patient regains his/her charm and appearance, with better defined volumes and contours, just as they were several years earlier.

The threads cause no deformation of the patient’s static or dynamic features (at rest or in movement).

This is because:

  • There is no incision during this aesthetic medical intervention to alter any muscular, fatty or nervous structure, which guarantees the patient’s face will retain a natural look when at rest;
  • The insertion path of the permanent suspension threads is found over the facial muscles and not within which guarantees a natural look when the face is in movement. Muscles are never impacted by the presence of the threads and their movement is totally free. . For example, if a patient has a dimple, then it will always be there following the intervention. Permanent suspension threads simply procure a youthful look without altering facial features.

A very discreet intervention:

The intervention’s perfectly natural-looking result means not having to speak about the treatment if you do not wish to. No need to justify your choice to family or work colleagues.

This discretion is guaranteed by:

  • Permanent invisible and pain-free threads, undetectable even to the touch;
  • Absence of any relief or “bump” beneath the skin which would cause your or your hairdresser’s comb to catch or your dentist to notice the intervention. Whether you (or any other person) touch your face either briefly or for a longer period, the permanent threads are totally undetectable. The same goes for shopping mall or airport security gates since Infinite-Thread suspension threads are not made of metal;
  • Absolutely no scarring;
  • Speed of the intervention: 3 hours at the practice;
  • No hospitalisation;
  • Virtually total disappearance of any oedema after 2 weeks. Some patients may still see small, remaining oedema some weeks later (rare and pain-free);
  • Taking-up social and professional activities again quickly after only 3 to 7 days.

No one will notice you have undergone an aesthetics intervention.
However, your circle might well remark that you look younger, that you have “ a healthy glow” about you or that you appear less tired like you have just returned from a holiday.

Permanent Suspension threads photos

Photo taken just 15 minutes after insertion of permanent suspension threads – intervention conducted by Doctor Foumentèze.
Just slight oedema is visible.

Skin quality also improves:

Because of better global vascularisation of the face, skin becomes more elastic and youthful-looking.

As it sags, the hypodermis (superficial facial fat) drags the blood vessels within it downwards. But these vessels communicate directly with the epidermis and dermis and nourish our skin. Therefore, sagging of the hypodermis stretches the vessels, which of course leads mechanically to a reduction of their diameter. Lack of blood irrigation affects the quality of the skin, which loses its tone and radiance.

By repositioning the hypodermis, the permanent suspension threads allow these blood vessels to recover their former calibre and once again correctly irrigate the skin for it to gain in quality.
The effects of this are generally apparent some 3 or 4 months after the intervention.

A surgical lift, on the contrary, undermines the sub-cutaneous layers and sections numerous blood vessels.

No contraindications for this technique:

There are no contraindications concerning health and innocuity for the use of Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads; neither do the threads have the usual drawbacks found with surgical aesthetics interventions.

There are also no contraindications for laser treatment for brown or red skin patches or rosacea.

However, deep radio frequency and focused ultrasound (HIFU) are not advisable on the thread paths.
Use of deep radio frequency (active on the hypodermis) is contraindicated since it heats the tissues and could affect the suspension threads’ hooking ability. (In principle, the most up to date radio frequency machines only affect the dermis and are therefore not contraindicated).

Similarly, focused ultrasound is prohibited after insertion since it could well burn the thread at the focus points.

These are contraindications concerning the threads’ efficiency and not on their innocuity.

The lift can be reversed:

Although there is no reason to think of reversing a lift, it is always possible to withdraw the permanent suspension threads I use. They can even be withdrawn several years after your intervention.

The threads are withdrawn, and your face returns to its initial appearance. Withdrawal is by use of an anaesthetic product which allows the subcutaneous tissues to become over hydrated for the thread to slide out. As when the thread was inserted, the permanent suspension thread in no way harms the tissues when withdrawn.

A thread withdrawal demands both expertise and experience; I have both. I have performed more than 2,500 permanent suspension thread lifts since 2002.

Insertion and withdrawal of the threads should never mark a patient’s face.

Choosing a permanent suspension thread lift without surgery does not mean the threads are there for life. The term “permanent” might well put you off- which I totally understand. Basically, it reflects the biocompatibility of the thread meaning it remains intact when inserted into the patient’s face.

Contrary to popular belief, it is far easier to withdraw a permanent thread than an absorbable one.

“Deep J” technique of insertion:

Just as there are several types of thread which vary in efficiency and durability, so there are different insertion techniques.

The technique I use to insert Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads guarantees both efficiency and security during and after the aesthetics intervention.

A non-surgical technique:

Insertion of permanent suspension threads is only mini-invasive as the threads are inserted by means of blunt needles.
This means there is no lancet (or scalpel) incision and therefore no risk of scarring. .
Skin will not be devascularized with this medical technique as opposed to skin having undergone a surgical lift (which, by definition, requires skin undermining during the intervention).

Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads are inserted under local anaesthetic, in a dedicated operating theatre within the Centre Esthétique Verdi. Hence it is an outpatient intervention with no hospitalisation.
This aesthetic intervention does not require the patient to bear the risk of general anaesthesia.

Finally, the perfect biocompatibility of the Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads ensures against any allergic reaction.

There is no contraindication concerning sunbathing following a permanent suspension thread lift even immediately after the intervention.

These permanent threads are totally resistant to all sports,even the most extreme (martial art, boxing, diving, Winter sports etc) and are not affected by any unpredictable daily mishaps (falls, blows to the face etc).

None of the exterior trauma mentioned will loosen or rupture the permanent suspension threads I use.

Neither do these permanent threads hinder scanner or IRM examinations, impact any other medical examinations or the reading of medical results.

In the case of an urgent intervention following an accident, the threads will not be a problem for the doctor or surgeon. They will not slow down nor hinder the operation.

A short intervention with light post-operative follow-up:

The hooking quality of the Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads has simplified the insertion making it more efficient and less invasive.

Indeed, the “Deep J” technique means there is no thread junction at temple level, nor a knot on the crown of the scalp. Each thread is inserted independently following a pre-defined path according to the patient’s anatomy.

Thus, the intervention is swifter, less painful and convalescence is shortened.

This technique is more comfortable for the patient since the intervention lasts only 1½ hours and vastly shortens the post-operative follow-up.

The Deep J technique: guarantee of a long-lasting result requiring no retightening

Used in conjunction with the non-resorbable Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads, this insertion technique gives effective and long-lasting results with no follow-up controls or post-intervention procedures required.

With this technique Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads are inserted into the sub-cutaneous tissue to treat the upper and median thirds and into the SMAS to treat the lower third of the face.

If it was, a few years back, necessary to tauten the permanent suspension threads every 3 to 4 years, this method is no longer necessary to maintain the result of an intervention.

The J path, another improvement:

The results of a permanent suspension lift are judged in two phases: the first two months after the intervention, the second very long term (a good number of years later).

  • The immediate effectiveness:

The first two months are far more important than they appear since the post-operative oedema is still present. This oedema, caused by inflammation of the tissues during the intervention, makes correct hooking and stabilisation of the threads more difficult.

Before the technique using the J path, it was not rare to observe a more or less visible loss of the original result within the first two months. After this time span however, the results were perfectly maintained.

The solution then was to “over tauten” the threads during the intervention or to add, later on, and free of charge, 1 or 2 threads to achieve the required result. The patient was then entirely satisfied but having to return to my practice could be burdensome depending upon where the patient lived.

The J path put an end to this loss observed at 30/60 days. This type of thread insertion allows the threads to “lock” their lower extremity by changing direction a little by making a 90° circular turn (hence the “J” designation).

  • The long-term effectiveness, without need to tauten up:

The second criterion to judge the quality and durability of the lift is to observe how the threads and the lift behave over the years.

To date, only the Parallel J technique offers this answer without any tautening of the threads either in short term, medium term or long term. The threads do not mechanically stretch (since they are not elastic) and remain in position, which enables them to retain their “lifting” effect for years. According to the zone to be treated, threads are inserted in the hypodermis or SMAS.

The Deep J technique: a perception of rejuvenation which increases over time.

As well as a 5 to 10 year rejuvenation, observed almost immediately after the intervention, you will notice a growing gap in the perception of aging year after year.

Thus, if you appeared 10 years younger at 60, then you will appear almost 15 years younger at 70 (compared to a person who has not undergone a permanent suspension thread lift).

This is called “differential ageing” and is explained in two ways:

  • Future tissue sagging is blocked or at least considerably hindered by the presence of the permanent threads. The threads supplement the fibrillar system which supports the face’s hypodermis thus helping it to fight against its loss of quality and the pull of gravity;
  • Skin of the median third of the face is plumped up: elasticity and radiance have returned thanks to better vascularisation of the skin.

This evolutionary gain makes it possible to consider a permanent suspension thread lift as a preventive solution for patients under the age of 40 if they have slight ptosis of the face (and wish to limit sagging of their sub-cutaneous tissues).

Before and after suspension threads
Before and after suspension threads

Results of non-invasive surgery with permanent suspension threads – intervention conducted by Doctor Foumentèze.

Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension thread: a French thread which is gentle and biocompatible

The quality of the result depends on the suspension thread used, the technique used to insert it and the skill of the practitioner. With no training, the aesthetics practitioner or plastic surgeon could well follow his instincts or lean towards inappropriate techniques.

The thread is made of biocompatible material

Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads are totally chemically innocuous for the human body.
Materials used to produce this thread are exactly those that have been used for surgical sutures for more than 50 years.
Hindsight of more than half a century leaves no room for doubt about the safety of the material used.
They are said to be “biocompatible” as, without exception, the body always accepts them.
There is absolutely no risk of rejection


A gentle, atraumatic thread

The cogs on the Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension thread are less than half a millimetre thick.

This patented technology is both effective and non-aggressive for the patient.

Any passing facial inflammation (following an intervention) is due to the insertion act itself, not to the thread. Indeed, the permanent suspension thread in no way traumatises the body. Any inflammation is temporary, despite the thread lying beneath the skin.


A totally reversible thread

Thread & Lift laboratory which manufactures Infinite-Thread® permanent suspension threads, has coloured it purple to make withdrawal easier and ensure this aesthetic intervention can be totally reversed. This colour avoids any confusion with human tissue, contrary to a transparent or white threads. The thread is also visible during an echography (ultrasound).

The high quality and colour of the thread mean that withdrawal is always possible, after any length of time, without sequelae and without any residue being left beneath the skin.
As with any medical intervention, one has to be trained to the removal protocol to conduct withdrawal of the threads.


A supple, non-elastic thread

The thread’s outer envelope is made of solid silicone, which lends it great suppleness and the ability to accompany each movement of the face.
The Infinite-Thread® is not elastic since elasticity is of no therapeutic importance.

Indeed, facial tissue never stretches whatever the facial expression. For instance, to confirm this statement, measure the distance between two beauty spots; the distance will be the same before and after the intervention.

Absence of elasticity in the thread also improves the finesse, precision and speed of the thread’s tension adjustment.


How is an intervention conducted in Nice?


  • Avoid taking aspirin, except as part of a long-term medical treatment, and Omega 3 (in the way of food supplements) for the 10 days preceding the intervention;
  • On the morning of the day, wash hair with an antiseptic shampoo;
  • Be sure to be accompanied for the return journey;

During the intervention:

  • 3 hours at the clinic, of which approximately 1½ hours for the intervention itself;
  • An outpatient intervention, under local anaesthetic (no surgery nor hospitalisation)
  • Intervention conducted in a dedicated operating theatre within the Centre Esthétique Verdi.
Operating theater permanent suspension threads Nice
Operating theater permanent Suspension threads Nice

After the intervention:

  • Stay quietly for 24 hours;
  • Wait at least 24 hours before washing hair and shampooing
  • To wash your face the first day: wash in an upwards movement;
  • Possible slight discomfort when eating for the first 3 days;
  • Take analgesics for the first 3 days (according to the prescription given to you following the intervention)

What are the causes of post-operative swelling?

This swelling is due to:

  • The volume of local anaesthetic injected (indispensable for a painless intervention with no post-operative bruising);
  • An inflammation caused by the thread passing beneath the skin (whatever the type of suspension thread, permanent or resorbable).

How will the swelling evolve?

The swelling is the consequence of the volume of anaesthetic liquid and the inflammation, which leave the sub-cutaneous tissue spongier. During the hours immediately following the intervention, the hooking ability of the threads is fragile, and the patient should avoid touching her face.

This phenomenon allows the practitioner to adjust the threads’ tension very precisely and immediately loosen a thread if necessary.

  • The first evening, the volume of anaesthetic disappears, only the oedema due to the inflammation remains. The permanent suspension threads are perfectly settled and there is no more risk of loosening them. However, if necessary, I can always massage a precise point over the first few days.
  • During the second and third days, the oedema deflates. An irregular reduction of it can be observed firstly where the suspension threads lie. The patient may have the impression of seeing the thread path in the areas the oedema has most deflated. In reality, the patient is seeing deflation of the oedema where it was the quickest due to the threads being pulled. This is totally natural in the process of oedema deflation.
  • From the 4th to the 7th day, the oedema continues to diminish progressively. It is important to know that the swelling may vary from one day to another and according to the times of day. Generally speaking, it is situated higher up in the morning and lower down in the evening due to the pull of gravity. Similarly, the oedema may appear more visible if the patient is very tired or when resuming activities. These reactions should not worry you: they are temporary and are part of recovery.
  • After 1 week, 80% of the oedema has been absorbed and the threads are definitely fixed. Should a thread be a little too tight, I would re-inject an anaesthetic to recreate an area of hyper-hydration in order to partially free the thread and re-adjust it.
  • After 2 weeks, the oedema has completely disappeared.
  • During the 3rd and 4th weeks, in rare cases, some very small oedemas may appear before disappearing completely. Micro-defects (or small hollows) may also remain visible during this time before disappearing progressively. These irregularities are only noticed by the patient because she knows her face and tracks the slightest defect (a perfectly normal reaction). Therefore, it is not unusual for a patient to think there is a defect at this point in time, the same defect which can be seen in pre-intervention photos.

Fees for a permanent suspension thread lift

The fee for a non-surgical permanent suspension thread lift depends on the zones to be treated, the quality of thread to be used, the competence of the practitioner giving primary care and the experience of the aesthetics doctor or surgeon who will conduct the thread intervention.

A thread lift dealing with the marionette lines costs 1,200€.

A thread lift dealing with the marionette lines and oval costs 2,000€.

A complete Face and neck lift using permanent suspension threads costs between 3,500€ and 5,000€.

An eyebrow and look opening lift costs between 2,000€ and 3,000€.

Before & after photos